Monday, March 12, 2012

Wales and USA Presentations!

Boys and girls!  Mr. Jones and I are very proud of your hard work.  Your presentations were fantastic!  We want to know what you thought about working together because not many kids get to do this. 

Please answer the following questions in your post. (Number your answers please.)

1. What is the best part of working with penpals on your environmental project?
2. What did you learn from another group's presentation?
3. How did you feel presenting or seeing your presentation in front of both classes?
4. What did you do when working on your project that you are now proud of or feel that you can do better now?
5. What have you learned from working with our penpals?
6. What is the best part of working with penpals overall?


  1. 1. My favroit part of working with Mr.Jones is when we presentated because we got to see you and talk.
    2. That you can recycle fridges how do you even put a fridge in the recycling bin.
    3.I felt really good because i got to speak and i got a script!
    4. I felt greate because i got my very iwn script!
    5. I felt awesome! Because it was my first time skyping i dident even skype in first grade.
    6. My best part working with me penpalls were when we got to meet them,skype and presintate are scripts.

  2. 1. I like alot because we got to skipe with peole acros the word.
    2. I never thot about cuting donw trees is bad 3.I rilly liked the ocean video because mr.jons made the music.
    4.Iam prod of myself because i thot of a lot of qeshtons.
    5.that to never fight.
    6. overall i feel great because i got to werk with peole acros the word

  3. 1. I like the project because i got to see that we was together andwe got to say our project. 2. Ilerned about the trees were being cut down because i listen to other Friends. 3. LIKE DOING THE POJECT BECAUSE IT WAS ASOME ABOUT IT. 4. Ilke the project because i was brilent. 5.Working whith penpales are nice just like us. 6. Ilikeworking whith them.

  4. 1.Shairing them with our class.
    2.I leared that friges are resiclabie.
    3.It was vary fun.
    4.I was vary happy that my voise was clear.
    5.It is vary,vary,vary fun.
    6.Shairing chocolet with them.

  5. 1. I liked sharing our presentation because it was cool to see what they worked on.
    2.I learned that you can recycle shoes.
    3.I felt amazed seeing myself in front of both classes because I like seeing myself in stuff.
    4. I am proud of myself when I shared my script.
    5. I learned that anyone can recycle.
    6. I liked eating our chocolate.

  6. 1. Skiping becase we get to see them.
    2. I learnd from the ocen groop do not throw garbige in the ocen.
    3. I felt happy becase I read to the class.
    4.Writing becase I wrote about my anamal.
    5. I lernd about recycaling.
    6. The best part of working with are penpals is skiping with them.

  7. 1.I like to skipe with us two classes.
    2.I learned that toys can be thrown in oceans.
    3.I felt ok because haven't done this before.
    4.I'm proud of knowing how to skipe.
    5.That they have to wear uniforms.
    6.We got to share our quesentons.

  8. 1. The best part was reaserching.
    2. I lerned that toys get throun in our oceans.
    3. I felt great saying a speech for the first time.
    4.I think I am bedder at reaserching.
    5. I lerned they are great friends.
    6. The best part is skiping.

  9. 1. I like skipe with us two classis.
    2.from the deforstashin grup it can be to 300 football feilds.
    3.I felt good because the two classes got to see it.
    4.I am proud of taking in front of two classes
    5.that the have to ware uniforms.
    6. That we got to stand and it looked like we were in a straight line.

  10. 1.Skiping and the slide show.
    2. From the deforstashin it can be to 300 football fild an houe.
    3.I feled graed because I got to see my presentation.
    4. I feel great that I did it and proud because I can talk to everybody in different countries.
    5. that they do very fun things.
    6.skiping with them.

  11. 1. I like sciping because it is fun
    2. I learned that trees been cut down for gas.
    3. I liked it because I got to see what I wrote.
    4. I can now learn to make sure people don't throw stuff in the ocean.
    5. I learned alot of diferent projecks
    6. I like sciping because I get to see them

  12. 1.That we get to skipe when we are far away.
    2. That not to cut down trees in deforstashian.
    3. I felt happy because it is fun.
    4. Iam prood of my self because I can save energy.
    5. I learned that instead of raising their hands to answer questions they point.
    6. Overall I feel happy because I can't wait to do the next thing with our penpals.

  13. 1. I liked when we skype because we only meat once a month or weak.

    2.I learned that shouse are made from garbage.
    3.I felt proud of my self because I never did this before.

    4. I am better at proforming thanks to this progect.

    5.I learned about the other group because everybody did this in our class and Mr. Jone's class.
    6. I think the best part of this progect is proforming.

  14. 1.I feel as good as wen I bild legos and wen I
    bild legos Iam owas happy.
    2. I learnd about water enrgy.
    3.I felt really good.
    4.I am proud of my presentation.
    5.I lerd to not liter in the ocean.
    6.Skyping in our groups for the presentations.

  15. 1.The best part working toghther was making the slides togther beacuse I relly had a great time.
    2. I learnd that in deforstain they cut trees about 300 football feilds.3. I feelt great doing the presenting because I got to speck in front of the classrooms.4. I am proud of doing hard work of resreaching my anwerws. I had learn that you should listn to who is talking.6. I relly liked to skip with you ovreall I great because I learnd about.

  16. 1. It was awesome because we got to put the projects together.
    2. I learned that trees were cut down in deforestation.
    3. Happy because I like working with them.
    4. I got to speak for the first time.
    5. I learned that they are awesome.
    6. Overall, I like working with them because they are nice just like us.

  17. 1. I think it was cool to skype because we see different people from different cultures.
    2. I thought it was cool that I learned solar panels get energy from the sun.
    3. I thoutgh it was cool to see what other pepole wrote. 4.I am proud of my poto story because thier was a pictur of a sinh. favorite part working with our penpals was when we got to eat their chocolate.
    6. Overall the best part working with our penpals was when we got to go on the internet to look up things for our group.

  18. hi mrs altic's class today we have lernt how to sort parts of a bike in to alphabetical order and the diffrence beetween notes and sentences.

  19. Hi Miss Altics Class. This week we have been learning about taking notes.

  20. today we were writing down notes on our whiteboards and from our notes we had to put them in sentences in our books.

  21. today is friday YAY i love fridays because tomrrow is saturday and no school

  22. I liked the music to . yey i like meetin new peopl. do you like meetin new peopl .

  23. To mrs Altic class.I'm from mr jones we are lerning how to change sentences to notes

  24. hi miss alitics class. this week we have been pepering mothers day . we had to make card mothers day cards and a word search and a citifcit . we are doing facks about a bike . we are learing to take notes

  25. hi mrs altics class. this week we have been learning about taking notes. it means say now mr jones said a sentence about a bike you have got to make it smaller to make a note. and also we have been learning about mothers day and makeing cards. i can`t wait in till we can scipe agian see you soon all altic stars

  26. hi mis Altic's class. I reale like skyping whith you it is fun and you have a lovele class.

  27. Hi Mrs altic,I like skyping with you it is fun

  28. Hi mis Altic class we have be loing about sinoer's and it is good.

  29. we lreaned about finishing are oson book

  30. Taday we went to music.And we singed vary lowed.Then we danced.

  31. 1. My favoirit thing to do with my penpal is meeting them and Presintating
    I learned that people accsidently put GAS in the Ocean from boats 3.
    I felt kinda Nervouse from saying our script
    4.I feel i can do better now because i learned more about renewable energy and i wish i can share.
    5.I learned that people are just to lazy to recycle stuff like Fridges,And mostly Plastic
    6.Overall the best part is when i met them and skyping.

  32. During this week we went on a field trip to the shedd aqareum for our ocean unit and my mom came with!

  33. we have a new smartboard game called branies and we haft to geus maches

  34. This week we went to the shedd aquareum.We got to touch a
    sea star.The sea star felt slimy.I thout it would feal

  35. today in sciens we got A tadde poll

  36. This week we got frogs in sience. We named them Goby and Bob. Bob keeps on staring at people.

  37. today we got tadpoles in the class room. they are funny. we all think they are all cool.